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Two more documents we were asked for copies of:


 - this is the second half of our standard assessment document. We’ve rephrased the level descriptors from the extended English scales for EAL from A Language in Common and from the National Curriculm for English as a series of observable outcomes. We’ve also added some suggested strategies down the right to move the child to the next level.

During baseline assessment of a new arrival, we’d suggest arranging an opportunity for all adults who have had contact with the young person to come together after a few weeks and use the document as a basis for a short discussion about what the learner can do.

After that, we think it’s best if ideally one adult can take ownership of the document and use it to regularly capture the young person’s progress and to inform planning.


 - a slight tweak on an IEP, Individual Language Plans can be used to run language targets for a learner across the curriculum. In setting targets, hopefully the previous document might be helpful, as might the pupil-friendly targets here.

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