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Marking plays a central role in teachers’ work and is frequently the focus of lively debate. It can provide important feedback to pupils and help teachers identify pupil misunderstanding. However, the Government’s 2014 Workload Challenge survey identified the frequency and extent of marking requirements as a key driver oflarge teacher workloads.

To shed further light on the prevalence of different marking practices, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) commissioned a national survey of teachers in primary and secondary schools in England. The survey, conducted by the National Foundation for Educational Research, identified a wide range of marking approaches between schools and suggests teachers are combining different strategies to fulfil the multiple purposes of marking pupils’ work.

It also identifies a number of key questions that schools should consider when developing their marking strategies, including considerations around workload and the trade-offs teachers face in adopting different approaches. To view the report click here.

  • A Numbers Count intervention learning space.

  • Inside the 'Robin Room' Nurture Space.

  • Sensory corner in a Nurture Room.

  • A Numbers Count Learning Wall.

  • Literacy Intervention learning space.

  • The Parent Support Adviser in 'The Coffee Shop' at Wyndham Park Infant School.

  • Parents can meet up at 'The Coffee Shop' at Wyndham Park Infant School.

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