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A new research report by the Universities of Cambridge and Kent in partnership with the Sutton Trust, makes the link between personality traits, social skills and confidence in securing better career prospects. Click here to read the report.

Previous research has suggested that, in addition to cognitive skills such as intelligence or a good memory, social or non-cognitive skills such as aspirations, confidence and personality can have an important effect on career success.

These non-cognitive skills are likely to be related to family background, with the conditions of a more advantaged upbringing being more beneficial in their development. These characteristics may therefore have a substantive role in social mobility.

In this project, they used two separate approaches to examine the association between family background and characteristics related to personality and aspirations, and between these characteristics and adult career attainment:

  1. A review of the existing evidence from 90 peer-reviewed academic studies
  2. An analysis of information on the non-cognitive characteristics of more than 150,000 UK residents, based on data from the BBC Big Personality Test – the largest survey of this type ever conducted in the UK
  • The Parent Support Adviser in 'The Coffee Shop' at Wyndham Park Infant School.

  • Sensory corner in a Nurture Room.

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  • Parents can meet up at 'The Coffee Shop' at Wyndham Park Infant School.

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